Restaurant Review: Oasis Restaurant, San Luis Obispo

I haven’t had good Mediterranean food in the longest time… So when we were walking around downtown SLO and spotted Oasis, I immediately knew what I wanted for dinner.

Although from the outside, Oasis looked pretty nondescript, inside it was dim, exotic, and filled with authentic Moroccan decor.

Image from Yelp.

Image from Yelp.

There were so many things that on the menu that looked good: the Tagine Delight, “Sweet potatoes, pears and grapes in a honey-cinnamon sauce topped with almonds and sesame seeds,” the Couscous de Fez, “caramelized onions, garbanzo beans and raisins overa bed of couscous,” the Spicy Vegetable Curry, “potatoes, carrots, cabbage, zucchini and sweet peas in curry sauce”…
I decided to go with the Roasted Eggplant salad, however, because someone sitting near us got a sandwich and it looked so good I wanted to tackle the waiter to the ground and steal the plate. (Well, I guess if I tackled him he’d drop the sandwich… So maybe I should’ve held him down while my mom took the food and ran.) The easier method was just to order my own.

oasis 1

I tasted the salad first, purely because its appearance caught me off-guard. I had expected your standard side mix of greens, light dressing, and perhaps a token nut or fruit or two — but this was a dish in its own right. The white bean garnish was extremely flavorful: spicy and chunky and with a kick at the end. It was generously heaped over the lettuce and had been chilled, which made it a great alternate in between bites of the warm eggplant sandwich. I gobbled it up.

oasis 2

The bread has a rustic, earthy flavor and was quite tasty. Near the end of the sandwich I was eating it plain and still really enjoying it — that’s how you know a  bread is good! The eggplant stuffing had a complex, rich flavor, thanks to all the olive oil and spices it had been cooked in. This verged on the edge of sweet. However, although I could really taste the tomato, that traditional eggplant flavor was missing. It didn’t really matter, as this was amazing.

Cost: $8.95

Would I buy again: Definitely

Rating: 8.5/10 (my highest rating yet!)


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